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Overview of game 

Strategy games are played worldwide for they are known to be very exciting and thrilling. But strategy games involving tactics and that are turn based are even more appreciated and loved to be played by people of almost all ages. XCom: Chimera Squad Game is a strategy based tactical and turn based game. It is developed by Firaxis Games. It is based on the Chimera Squad which work for the peace of city and destroy all the threats underground. A player can enjoy unique agents with different tactical abilities. It is a free pc game and is divided into management of non combat activities of squad and the turned based tactical activities. For resource, you gather it and then it helps you to unlock more technology on strategic maps and then you can part take in many turn based and tactical battles. 

XCOM: Chimera Squad Gameplay Trailer

XCOM: Shimera Squad Gameplay 

There are unique aliens and human agents in which each of 11 agents has a different personality. They also have different tactical abilities and species specific attacks. This game has very simple controls and is very easy to operate. You can master the game in a less time and then play it like a pro. There are special and complementary classes which do destruction but for that right teams are made of the agents which also keeps in view their actions. By assigning agents in different entry points and coordinating their assault is done by a range of Breach specific skills.

The game is free and you can easily play the game and enjoy all the amazing features and have a fun filled experience. In this game, re envisioned tactical combating is done. The actions are kept very unpredictable and intense. Missions are very discrete and involves explosive encounters. A computerized initiative device slots individual agents and enemies into an alternating flip order, growing new strategic possibilities based totally on what unit is queued to behave next and what unit is at the greatest danger after they do. This game is loved a lot because of the story behind and the way it is progressed with all its missions and objectives. 

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XCOM: Chimera Squad Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 650 or better
Free Disk Space: 18 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible


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