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Overview of Game

In the world where 3D is the new game type a 2D game is rare yet exciting for those who have never ever played such games and a walk down the memory lane for those who played games of such type. Worms Reloaded is an cannonry 2D turn based into strategy game, specially developed by Team 17. This game was released for the renown platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac Operating System and more. This game offers single and multiplayer modes and was published on 26th August 2010.  This game revolves around team making goals with a time limit for all the players that should be turned on in order to keep an eye on the time.

Worms Reloaded Gameplay Trailer

Worms Reloaded Gameplay

The main theme of the game is to eliminate all the foes while you being the one standing till the last winning the battle. This game is a single player artillery game consisting of few race games as well that brings out the car battles alongside the regular combats. The time is short, the clock is ticking and you have to end the game according to it, if the time passes, you will loose. This model of the game allows you to move around the landscape allowing you to use ninja ropes, crawling movements, climbing different places in order to gain access to jet packs containing useful resources.

There are a variety of weapons in the game for you to select from produced with such reality based graphics that makes you think the weapon you are using is not virtual but real. As soon as you use your weapon the five second timer starts giving your time to escape and move around safely but if you fail to take time in your hands then you will be killed. The worm cab be killed in two ways either explode it using the guns and other weapons or move around things so that they can drop down the enemy and kill it.

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Worms Reloaded System Requirements(Minimum)

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
RAM: Required 1 GB RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce4 or equivalent card
Sound Card: YES
Free Disk Space: Need 2 GB Free Space


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