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Overview of Game


Daddy is someone who protects their child without even showing them that they care. Busy with business becoming silent heroes providing comfort, health care and more. Similarly Who’s your daddy is a simulation game showing this side of the daddy’s out there in the world. The catering and soft side of daddy’s in opposition to the harsh and rude side. This game is enjoyed by the users of Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, IOS, Macintosh Operating System and more since the 23rd December the date it was launched officially. This simulation type of game keeping you on the edge of your chair is developed by Evil Tortilla Games and was also published by the same franchise.

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Who’s Your Daddy Gameplay

The gameplay of who’s your daddy is really simple and interactive with simple controls featuring a single player and multiplayer mode. The theme of the game contains a dad who has to stop his off springs death in any way. He also has to chase the kid who tries to escape ever so often. In order to keep the toddler alive the kid has to he kept away from sharp dangerous things that may harm the kid. And if you come across such a thing at home then it should be well hidden in a manner that even if the child is not facing it he can not see it from his back too. The game revolves around two portions of the house one is the room and the other is the kitchen, both are the dangerous places where the kid can easily die if not looked out for properly.

You have to close all the trolleys in the kitchen so that the kid does not get hit by one and dies, have to lock the cabinets and hide away all the dangerous objects in the kitchen by hiding them in the cabinets and locking them away. The toddler may drink up a bleach bottle or put hands in an electric outlet you have to keep an eye 24/7  and protect your child at any cost. Toys may be harmful too as they have pointy ends such as piano and other. Put those toys stuffed in a box away from the reach and keep your child safe proving to be the best father in the world and a superhero dad!

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Whos Your Daddy Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP (64 bit)
VIDEO CARD: GeForce 460/Radeon HD 5850/Intel HD 4600


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