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Overview of game

VIY Hunting is a free game that contains all the required files needed to operate flawlessly on your PC, and the game includes all the latest and up-to-date files. It is an offline full standalone version of the VIY Hunting Download compatible versions of Windows Download link is at the end of this article. There was a time when the most tragic mishap occurred at an estate. The sole daughter of the landowner passed away in mysterious circumstances.

Some say she was in a relationship with evil forces. Before her death she made her wish that for 3 days following her death, the prayers for the dead be said by you. Vyi is a first-person horror-shooter. The game is set on a vast map that has many settlements and the existence of hidden places, that have numerous useful features that make it easier to play the game.

Find weapons, equipment for their use and other objects to finish the mission. The primary objective in the game is to complete three consecutive nights at the parish in order to carry out the exorcism. There was a time when an unfortunate incident occurred on the property. The sole daughter of the landowner passed away under mysterious circumstances. Some say she was a friend to evil forces. Before she passed away she made the desire that for three days following her death, the prayers of the dead must be repeated in your presence…VIyi is a horror shooter game in first person.

VIY Hunting Gameplay Trailer

VIY Hunting Gameplay

The game is set on a huge map with numerous settlements as well as secret areas, some of which are numerous beneficial issues that will ease the game. Gather tools, weapons and other equipment they will also use various gadgets they use and various devices. The main goal of the game is to spend 3 nights in the church to perform the exorcism.

You need to find the necessary equipment prior to making a trip to Church.All you need to do is create the outline of a Holy circle to defend yourself from the forces of evil or a smudge of 4 candles, and start studying the prayer. The real trouble begins at this point. Souls from the wicked living, at the moment of their death they are at the removal of the evil forces and therefore they infiltrate the world of ours to steal the things that belong to them. It is necessary to battle the darkness of the world to find that soul young woman.

When you’ve said one of your many prayers, He appears…Viy is a nefarious drive that rises from the underworld and is a symbol of dying. Viy is the information source and not the murderer. If you saw him , that means that he came to you for . Take all of the parts of the book and take all the essentials to your home, the location of the latest weapons as well as many more.

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VIY Hunting System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7
* Processor: AMD Phenom II X4
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: 1 GB
* Storage: 4 GB available space


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