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Overview of Game

Ever wanted to play games where you get minimum damage but attack the opponent with full force and win battle using your own strategies? If that is the case then Victor Vran is the perfect game for you. This game features an action, adventure role playing theme and an open world and place that bear a resemblance to gothic style and keeps you reminding of it. This game was given a pre-release for the users of Steam that got the chance to play it starting February 2015 while it was released for the Play Station 4 and Xbox One users in 2017 on 6th of June. The developers of this game are Studio Haemimont Games and this role playing game in amazing for you to play in your free time.

Victor Vran Gameplay Trailer

Victor Vran Gameplay

This is an action game where you have to play as the hero of the game named as Victor Vran who has no class in the character department. With the precise movements and various elements that allows you to attack your opponents with ease all the while ignoring your own damage or getting minimum damage or no damage at all. You have to use the jumping mechanics in the game to fight back with your enemy and to solve a puzzle that will allow you to move forward from one area in the game to another that is installed and developed by the developers in the vast map.

The city Zagoravia is where your story takes places and all the battles are conducted. There are five different challenges that provide with bonuses as soon as you complete those though they are not easy to complete. And the city is divided in to many sub divisions that brings different quests for you. Change classes of your character by the choice of your weapons and use destiny cards and change your outfits to gain multiple abilities and special attacks to enhance your blows.

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Victor Vran System Requirements

Operating System: Need Windows Vista SP2 or letter versions
Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 or higher
Free Disk Space: Need 4 GB Disk Space


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