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Overview of game

Vermin Hunter indie motion and extermination sim for woodlands and farms. The camera can operate in first or third person to provide additional convenience. It is also feasible to link a gamepad the computer to control game and menus by using it. Controlling characters is easy and simple.The storyline of this project is quite straightforward. The principal character is an expert in the field of parasite hunting. He is employed by a variety of farmers, landowners, and other land to deal with their problems with rodents , or meadows attacked by pigs.

The goal of the player will be to cleanse the land from the ravages of pests to make a profit and unlock new equipment that can be used for future purchase with the accrued dollars. In the beginning, the weapon of the protagonist is a basic air rifle. As you advance you can upgrade your weapon to stronger counterparts..After the first few missions the access to a brand new lure mechanic will not be available.

It allows you to collect all those who are subject to shooting at a particular location to safeguard the livestock of the employer from accidental deaths. In the event of the death of cows and chickens shooter is liable for a fine, and the money earned might not be enough to cover the cost of moral harm to the owner.is fun to chase the vermin that ruin farmers’ livelihoods and crops.Vermin are rampant and farmers are in need of assistance. Join Vermin Hunter to remove the vermin damaging the farms. The rats consume the meat, rabbits eat the vegetables, and the pigs devour everything other food items.

Vermin Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Vermin Hunter Gameplay

The weapon you are given is an ordinary pellet weapon when you start. It’s not the most effective weapon but it will do what it is supposed to do.Actively updating and currently working on this. It seems like I’m here for the first test. I’m hoping the developers incorporate some of my good feedback into future updates. An ideal first step is to offer something similar to an array of creatures and settings.However, don’t let this keep you from doing your best.

You’ll earn money for killing the vermin. You’ll be able to later buy upgrades or bait (which assists in drawing the vermin towards your preferred killing location) However, be sure not to take any farmer’s livestock, since you’ll be able to kill any animal you want.Enjoy the tranquility of shooting with firearms such as rabbits and bears, rabbits and deer. There are currently four guns available on the field, including two air guns, and two them are real guns. The number of vermin you eliminate there is money available to buy new gear.

At the beginning your journey, you’ll be equipped with the basic pellet gun. This may not be the best weapon to use but it does get the job done…eventually.But do not let this hold you back. Earn money by killing vermin, which you can use later to purchase upgrades or bait (which assists in attracting vermin to the desired location) But be cautious to not take down any of the farmers’ livestock, as you’ll lose money for killing animals that are not yours.

Take your time in the beginning when you are hunting using only your air rifle. Also, ensure that you save the most money you can to purchase the needed improvements.

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Vermin Hunter System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 10
* Size : 4.7 GB
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* DirectX: Version 11
* Storage: 9 GB available space


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