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If racing is your dream and you love the racing simulation games and ever wanted to give train driving a try then this Train Simulation game is your digital simulation that you can play anytime you want to drive a train or compete in racing. There are enormous routes to select from like the routes in the Germany city, train routes of the United Kingdom and many other popular countries and locations. The main goal of the game is to manage time, you have to take your train and without damaging it, you have to take it to the given destination on time. This game is developed by Dovetail Games and published by Rail Works for Microsoft Windows and Steam Engine during the December 2016.

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Train Simulator 2017 Gameplay

You are given an idea of the drivers’ position in the lodge from where you are controlling the complete train. You get a three view screen overlay that gives you the complete control system of the train that can be utilized by you. Your main aim and duties are to keep your train at the exact speed required to complete the task given to you and to look out the exotic views while you take on the lengthy routes and go on the adventures. But remember! Do not forget to keep an eye on the signals provided as if you miss them then you may encounter an accident and destroy all the rules.

The awesome and unique gameplay of this game keeps you on the edge as you have to meet the destination timings and proper requirements in the gameplay of this Train Simulator 2017. With the perfect designs and exotic sceneries and the popular yet alluring locations you can drive your train in peace but keeping the speed constant and the drive smooth. Enjoy this amazing Train Simulator 2017 with the best sound effects that lets you know when the whistle is being blown and then the sounds of track comes making you driving the train in real life.

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