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Overview of Game

Who does not love adventures and if you love breaking and building things just like bob the builder or a mechanic then fall into the world of Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 and start this adventure of mechanics involving trains. Train Simulator 2017 was developed by Si 7 Studio and was published by Play Way on 24th of March 2017 for platforms like MS Windows, Play Stations, Mac OS and more.

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Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Gameplay

To create a train is a really difficult task. You have to consider so many things regarding mechanics, equipment, settings and more. This train creation simulation game is a seventy five story based mission game that lets you help the lost locomotives on the tracks that need you to locate them and take them to either of the three locally operated workshops all in the 25 km range provided in the two open worlds so that these can be repaired and go on their own journey ahead. The game includes three types of trains and almost all types of damages that you learn to repair as you go on in the game, more than 2000 work parts to work with and sort out where to put which in order to make your train working again.

Have old in school electric and diesel units containing more than 1000 parts. Pull out the engine, search all the available contents, save what you want only if the train life has ended and it cannot be repaired any further. To get to a part that you need for other train you will have to make some decisions like removing all the good parts and getting to that part and replacing it to repair the train. Repair the electric motor mounting brackets or the diesel engine, clean up passages and more in this 100 km of rail road having three types of trains.

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Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 System Requirements

Memory: 4 GB RAM
Operating System: Windows 7
VIDEO CARD: Geforce GT560 or RAM 1024 MB
CPU: Pentium Core 2 Duo
FREE DISK SPACE: 5 GB Game Download


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