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Total overdose pc game is one of those amazing shooting games that people do not get tired of. This game has some unique features which are quite hard to find in a regular shooting game. There are a lot of fighter and shooting games for the mobile phones but there is a range which is specifically available for the PC users. This game is also played on the desktops and laptops so that the players could enjoy the whole scenario. Moreover this game is available for free downloading along with no in-app purchases because the developers have an aim to have happy users.

This game got a lot of appreciation from the people who love gaming, especially the game that resembles a lot with fortnite, grand theft auto etc. There are brilliant features and a good gameplay that is enough to impress anyone who loves to play the fighter games. There is an amazing plot as well that describes how brilliantly this game is executed, developed and provided to the gamers to play.

There is a main lead character whose father dies and thus, he has to take the revenge from the Mafia Don because of whom his father died. It also involves stealing the vehicles of the neighbors which further leads to more fight among them. This game is completely surrounded by the amazing features that one could hardly find in a regular shooting game. Let’s find out more about this game.

Total Overdose Gameplay Trailer

Total Overdose Gameplay

In this game, there is a main character named Ram Cruz. He is a man whose father was killed by Mafia Don. The whole city has been occupied by him and he never spares anyone. The main character wants to take the revenge of his father’s death and thus, this game is all about this.

You can also break into the houses of your neighbors to grab their vehicles. With the help of this vehicle you will run away and shoot all of your enemies. The neighbors will also become your enemies somehow because of you stealing their vehicles, and you’ll have more enemies after you. With such a good storyline and plot, this game has a very brilliant 3D graphics that gives a very charming look to the whole game.

This video game has something unique that looks quite original, quite similar like watching a movie with real characters in it. The gamers actually call this game very addictive because they never want to stop this game without completing the levels.

With powerful weapons, and great vehicles the fight becomes really very interesting. This game is absolutely free and there are no downloading charges required just like some other games really have. It is also very safe to download and there are no security threats. So in short, this game is absolutely safe and

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Total Overdose System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
CPU: 2.1 GHz Dual Core
Hard Disk: 5 GB


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