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Overview of game

Long after the events that created THE ORIGIN, a corrupt politician fled from justice and sought refuge in an inhospitable region filled with horrific legends. The politician’s assistant ran away from him holding onto the important thing from the automobile that the politician needed to make his escape. Throughout his search, he’ll explore both time and space, being compelled to return again and again to the origin of the Blind.

He will be compelled to go back in time and save himself where he’ll discover that The Blinds could have been extinguished if he had just been a little bit braver during his childhood. Use your weapons only when necessary, ammunition is limited. Only combat when you have no other choice, since it’s better to run away!
Your first-person shooter has been designed with a special end feature.

Use your weapons only at the last resort. Ammunition is very scarce, so fight only when you have no other choice and if possible run away from danger, as this will help you to master your FPS skill levels and progress further through the game. Some special potions can be obtained from Magical Ticket Dispenser Magical Ticket, which will give you access to different improvements (or spells), such as long-distance running (aka teleporting) without getting exhausted, shooting without aiming, running and shooting (invisibility), or carrying more objects.

 The Origin Blind Maid Free Download Gameplay Trailer

 The Origin Blind Maid Free Download Gameplay

There are various options you could purchase from the millenarian ticket dispenser, providing you access to different enhancements, like running longer without getting exhausted or not having to aim while firing your weapon, for example. Or even more specific powers, like running and firing simultaneously or carrying extra items with you on your journey. Combine herbs and objects following the directions of an ancient alchemist to create short-lived skills or black magic that can help you fight enemies.

The Origins of Chaos has produced cursed creatures. Some look like a tree, others created unintentionally by the alchemist, and others spawned by evil and recorded in historical texts. There are millions of followers on social media of this sport and I’ve played it over and over and never grown tired of it.

It’s a simple game, but what’s different is that you’re racing against time as opposed to other drivers on the track. The more cars you pass, the more points you earn. Be careful not to crash into other cars as that will cost you precious seconds as well as put an end to your chance at victory!

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 The Origin Blind Maid Free Download  System Requirements

  • * Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • * OS: Windows 7 64 bits
  • * Processor: Intel Core i3
  • * Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • * Graphics: GTX 760
* Storage: 15 GB available space


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