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Overview of game

Explore an underground realm filled with elves, gnomes and demons. It’s one that is eerie, threatening yet also surprisingly welcoming yet surprisingly welcoming. A dazzling and joyful story, wild and thrilling will be waiting to you as as many ways to discover its story and various possible endings.

You’ll be required to assist the Gnome Miners dig their tunnels, fight their Gremlin Pests who insidiously sabotage the Gnomes’ advanced equipment, avoid fatalities in battles with your adversaries (the brutal and self-centered beer maker) solve the internal issues of an adorable Elven innkeeper, discover the way out of the web of intrigue created by clever sorcerers, succubi, and so and more.Atmospheric graphics, old-fashioned combat, intricate dialogue and well-rounded characters will ensure that you’re immersed in this truly memorable amazing adventure.

The book describes an underground fantasy world in which demons, elves and other mythical creatures reside. They’ve settled nicely in the dark underground world with their cozy surroundings and now are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of work while in the evenings they enjoy a relaxed and fun entertainment.

The Lost Brewery Gameplay Trailer

The Lost Brewery Gameplay

The main character is set to test his hand at being the gnome-miner. He will work in a mine building it, and then mining minerals. Naturally, there will be no bad-willers anywhere: no wicked, yet clever gremlins will wait for the perfect moment to get in the way of the job. They’ll constantly destroy intricate structures and disrupt the work of others, and imprudent creatures must fight against them.

Furthermore players can also put themselves as Brewer and battle to be the best against his ruthless and self-assured rival. This game called The Lost Brewery gives you the possibility to select a different option for the progression of the storyline: helping the gorgeous elf and the innkeeper with their family issues or unraveling the web of intrigue and gossip that succubi and sorcerers have created.

In all, there are a variety of branches to the plot’s development that can bring about different conclusions. The player will have a space to explore! The game’s gameplay is based upon conversations and battles, and the combat system is designed with the inspiration of retro games. The result will be amazing memories with positive emotion! Keep in mind that this game includes “strong” expressions and scenes that have sexual implications.

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The Lost Brewery System Requirements

*  Size : 1.7 GB
* OS: Windows 10
* Processor: Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5 ГГц
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: GT 635M 2Gb
* Storage: 2 GB available space


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