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Experience the modern classic The Binding of Isaac like never before. This new expansion pack for the popular rogue-like action-adventure game takes Isaac to a brand new dungeon on a mission to repent for his sins, conquering legions of loot monsters as he sets out to face the ultimate challenge. Isaac, whose plucky greed led him to pillage the depths of countless dungeons in search of treasures beyond his wildest dreams, has now set out on his most challenging quest yet.

On this quest, he encounters new enemies and bosses whom he must defeat by making use of weapon combos that are unlike any he has concocted before. He also comes across items that he has never seen before, some so unbelievable that they could only come from his wildest dreams and most terrifying nightmares. At PAX, the demo version of Repentance confirmed our suspicions that it would indeed be an expansion porting Antibirth.

This demo also included fresh new content from the creative minds behind the mod which led us to this conclusion and brand-new content in Repentance. Note: Our creative minds were not directly “hundreds” strong. Below you’ll find an overview of only some of the features available with The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Repentance Free Download (Spoiler Alert: most of these features didn’t exist in the original game!)

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Repentance Gameplay Trailer

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Repentance Gameplay

Weapons have never synergized better in the world of The Binding of Isaac: Repentance! You may even encounter unholy terrors that are completely out of this world. Not to mention all the new features, improvements, secrets, and tweaks added to help you make your way through this huge update. There’s more gameplay here than most games would ever release as a full sequel.

What’s more, is that this update is one for the books! So don’t be shy about taking your time exploring everything you can find in it – there’s no telling what’s waiting to be discovered next. When Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of ***, demanding a sacrifice from her family as proof of her faith, Isaac escapes into the dark and dangerous basement. There he faces droves of deranged monsters, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually the creature who gave him life – who goes by the name of the mother.

With new final bosses and animated endings to introduce a brand-new interpretation of the original emotional journey that is The Binding Of Isaac, players will discover hastily implemented telepathically connected twin children that change Isaac’s form, letting him see previously undiscovered places on each floor to battle droves of mysterious creatures, observe a friend’s death, and fight his way to safety. The Binding of Isaac, a roguelike developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, is a remake of an unreleased game developed for the Flash platform by McMillen. The dungeon crawler-like game was originally released as a free flash title in 2012 after being offered as a limited-time premium DLC for McMillens’s previous title, Super Meat Boy.

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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Repentance System Requirements

*Sound Card: Yes
* OS: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 and higher, ATI Radeon HD-Series 4650 and higher, Nvidia GeForce 2xx-Series and up
*Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core 2.0 (or higher)
* Storage: 449 MB available space



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