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Overview of game

T.A.R.S is a fun, fast-paced 3rd person shooter with realistic graphics and an intriguing storyline involving dangerous creatures that’s both horrifying and exotic at the same time! If you’re up for it, try your hand at this objective-based game set just off the coast of the British isles on a remote island where you must explore everything at your fingertips to find what’s important to stay alive! Will you be able to use your ammo wisely, conserving supplies for future objectives? Do you have skills worthy of becoming a legend among those who remember those who died bravely doing their best to protect us from those horrible monsters?

It may seem too scary for casual players but those who love adventure will be more than happy to dive headfirst into the thick of things against all odds! The term “Tar” originates from its initial use by people who compress magnetic tapes using the Tar archiver. The name is completely independent of the fact that these archives are also stored on other media. Compared to other compression formats,

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T.A.R.S  Trailer

T.A.R.S  Gameplay

It is the year 2051. The disease has swept across the planet infecting over 90% of the population with no known cure as yet. However, there do seem to be some kind of symptoms, such as flu-like symptoms, exhausted immune systems which eventually lead to death due to organ failure within 30 days. At first, there was panic but nothing could be done to prevent it from spreading any further except isolating those who are infected, but to everyone’s horror, they didn’t change into humans or animals for that matter.

No one knows what they changed into, because no one survived long enough to tell anyone else about their horrific experience! Now, this is where TARS comes in, aimed at helping you feel safe whilst eradicating the threat of these creatures. You are Samantha, a nurse who has only had limited combat training before being recruited by T.A.R.S to join the ranks of medics working for the organization.

You have been assigned to a team that consists of less experienced operatives but you have no time to feel uncomfortable or out of place because it’s your first day on the job! The city is in lockdown so you need to be vigilant throughout your mission even if this is your very first time aiding in agent protection thanks to the help of more experienced PATRIOT agents on whatever team you happen to be with today.

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T.A.R.S System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 10 64bit
* Processor: Quad Core / Athlon x4 840 / Equivalent
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: GT 1030 / RX 550


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