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Overview of game


is a quick horror game, with an estimated completion time of not more than 50 mins. Therefore, it doesn’t offer a save option that can be finished at the same time. It includes 3 finals with various achievements including puzzles and riddles. Marcy was a well-known architect.

She was passionate about her work and was proud of the work she’d accomplished. But, she did have some strangenesses. Marcy wasn’t one of the people who accepted criticism very well, and so when she was confronted with the criticism she attempted to deal with it by making the bell ring. Every time she made the sound it signified that someone was criticizing her.

The problem was compounded when she finished construction of her new residence officially known by the name of Suite 776. The design was bizarre as well as confusing and impractical. She said that it was Marcy’s finest design. At the end of the day, she committed suicide, hanging herself from the number 776. Pure terror with a twisty story the 7777 Suite focuses on an extreme environment, that is full of tension terror, and mystery.

Suite 776 PLAZA Gameplay Trailer

Suite 776 PLAZA Gameplay

When I developed this game, my aim was to make sure that players are informed throughout the journey while immersing them in various tales, secrets, and mysteries. Marcy was a well-known, popular architect. She loved her work and was happy with the work she completed.

There was an aspect to her, however. Marcy was not one who took criticism well, therefore, she tried to cope with it by calling the doorbell. Each time she rang it, it brought criticism that caused her to become very, very angry. The situation got worse when she designed and constructed her new residence, previously called Suite 776. The style was a bit spooky and confusing.

It was also unpractical Marcy’s most cherished creation according to her. In the end, she hanged herself up and was placed within Room 776 … lifeless. Your goal is to prove that the myths about Suite 776 are real and to take a photo of Marcy in motion and believed to be wandering in the hallways, terrorizing anyone who is willing to call her bell … to critique her. What frequency will you ring the bell?

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Suite 776 PLAZA System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7 or higher
* Processor: i5 + anything post-2015 should suffice
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: GTX 960 or slightly lower.
* Storage: 3 GB available space


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