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Overview of Game

Subway Surfers is a game everybody is aware of because it is one of the most played mobile phone games in this world. This game is special because it is just like that of Temple run that was released and ultimately became a success.

Subway surfers of game is exclusively available for the PC because not everyone likes to play games on their smartphones. The big screen of a laptop or desktop gives more exposure to the players and they can perform and score better than playing at their mobile phone. Subway surfer PC game is all about a character running fast while looting all the gold coins and rewards coming in their way.

A policeman is constantly chasing you when you run down the streets and steal different stuff. It is quite an interesting game which involves the extra rewards such as the mystery box, super sneakers, magnet to attract all the gold coins available and the free keys as well.

If you get hit buy the bus or the barrier, then the game will be automatically over. If this happens, you still get a few seconds to decide either you are going to use a key to revive back or get on using a free ad video option to keep playing the same game again. It is quite an interesting game which become an addiction instantly after it’s launch. People really love to play this game when they are free and feeling bored.

Subway Surfers Gameplay Trailer

Subway Surfers Gameplay

There are so many characters in this game but they are not selected very easily. You have to collect as many gold coins and keys in order 5o unlock them. There are unlimited rewards and features in this game that one has to unlock bt playing and earning the money that has been given inside the game.

The player runs and collect the gold coins or they can simply open the free mystery boxes in order to win more gold coins. There are different festivals occured in this game through which the players get introduced to the new characters that are available for a very little time and are supposed to be purchased very quickly otherwise they are gone.

There are beautiful hoverboards as well that you can buy but of course you need to play more in order to afford them. The in-app purchases also exist in this game that allow the players buy anything in a large quantity in order to avoid any inconveniences. This, this PC version of subway surfers is a great game that is available for absolutely free. The in-app purchases cost a little bit but the downloading and playing is completely free of charge.

Those who love this game also like to play it in the PC because they get to understand this game better and feel more comfortable. Subway surfers also provides an option of picking up different trophies which ultimately get collected. You can also compete different challenges to win a bunch of keys in this game.

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Subway Surfers Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Dual core processor or later.
Setup Size: 1.6MB


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