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Do you love some bone chilling action in your life? Well, the action in someone’s life is healthy as long as it is through action games. Action games have replaced all other activities that an individual might want to do in spare time, however, people wish to have lots of variety in the game in order to feel fulfilled. The Squad game is one of the most amazing shooting games ever, it was developed by Canadian studio. The Squad game was initially released on 15th December 2015 and published on steam. The graphics of this game are astonishing and it was of the mid-century award-winning game.

Squad Gameplay Trailer


Squad games have been one of the favorite games of action game lovers over the years. The action provided in this game is enough to satisfy any action game lover. This game hosts almost 40 players at a time. There are numerous enticing features in this game such as infinite locations and multi-action gameplay that further draws players towards this game. In this game you have to fight with your opponent team and make sure they are down brutally by using weapons and strategies.  The most exciting part of this game is the graphics which makes the player forget about the world and invest all their attention to the game.

This game gives an amazing opportunity to all the action lovers to satiate their action hunger. If you are an action fanatic, this game should be on top of your list. The graphics of this game are amazing and they support visuals of this game that make the surrounding blur. Players can use a variety of weapons to aim at their opponent team. You can also team up with almost 12 players and attack at the later party efficiently.

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Squad Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or more
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 770
Free Disk Space: 35 GB


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