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Overview of Game

Planetarium is the initial trip for every child who is being taught about the solar system and galaxy including all the space elements. This makes them even adults to visit the stars as well as other planets. The Russian Astronomers developed this Space Engine that is a three dimensional program game which creates your whole world as well as the three dimensional planetarium. In this game you can travel in any direction to any planet in the space. This game is released for platforms like Microsoft Windows and Freeware with beta status on the 13th of June.

SpaceEngine Gameplay Trailer

Space Engine Gameplay

This is a virtual based simulation game show casing the realistic elements of the world and space. This game allows its users to explore the whole world as well as the galaxy as they travel from one star to another star and one planet to another planet. With the aliens gathering around different planets you can land there with your spaceship and enjoy the alien planets. Pass through the years in this virtual universe and complete roaming it by passing millennia’s.

The size of this virtual space is around the size of one year and the main theme of this game is the complete scientific approach and knowledge. With the amazing multiple star system and rotating upon their axes you can roam in this Space with your Space Engine that is virtual but a reality that lets you learn the solar system. There are new found planets that you can explore and a large number of species in the universe that you may not find in your local planetarium. Watch the moons and stars scattered around galaxy and enjoy visiting the space using your very own space ship in this open world virtually at your home.

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SpaceEngine System Requirements

Operating System: Required Windows 7(64-bit)minimum
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: Need 4 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia ATI1 GB Dedicated VRAM


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