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Overview of game 

Who does not want to save the world? Who does not want to eradicate crime from the world? Everyone in their lives for once has given this notion a thought that will become crime fighters and save this world. If you are one of those people who always think about the ways to be a crime fighter and save the world then, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is the right game for you. The central character of this game is partially human, and partially raccoon and he is known as Coon. 

South Park The Fractured But Whole Gameplay Trailer


The modes and the graphics of this game is exceptional. The sculpts in this game have an elevated and meticulous 3D effect. The resolutions and visuals of this game are also first class. As the name suggests, this game is of superhero genre, hence, the characters in this game are portraying the role of superheroes and working to eradicate crime in South Park. The first part of this game was a big hit and it received several awards so we can gurantee you that you will not regret playing the sequel as well. You can play this game as either male or female. 

Also, this game requires your device to have 6 Giga Bytes of RAM. The previous version of this game was amazing and the sequel of this game will be even more interesting for all the players. This game’s ground also touches upon the humorous genre. You will be able to interact with a lot of characters in this game and you can also become a superhero. The humor in this game could be a bit insensitive for the new players, but if you are an old player of this game you would not be surprised at all. 

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