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Overview of game

Smelter is a platformer set in a land that’s subjected to the extremes of weather. By leveraging elemental powers that you acquire over time, you can help Smelter in his quest to save the Rumbly Land from the clutches of the Frost King and his allies. Though it may be a good idea for you to take advantage of your skills when traveling through treacherous terrains ranging from snow-capped mountains to volcanic lava fields, always be wary of your enemies which include stone creatures,

fire ants and much more! Release the power of Smelter! Eve’s Garden was once a land full of flowers and natural life, but after much devastation, she soon found herself in an unfamiliar world with her beloved Adam nowhere to be found. As she searched for Adam, Eve encountered Smelter, an unusually overconfident creature with the unusual ability to transform and fuse with others. Saying that his gift may be “invaluable”, he urges Eve into making use of it without further ado.

Smelter, a mighty shapeshifter is on a quest to find her mate, Adam, in the Rumbly Lands. A special platformer meets strategy action game, Smelter, you’ll conquer procedurally generated worlds brimming with enemies and bosses that guard valuable resources needed to advance your burgeoning territory by building up defenses against foes or transforming into beasts when combat proves unavoidable.

Explore incredible, diverse levels ranging from the hellish to the beautiful—all accompanied with an original soundtrack composed for acoustic string quartet by Eminence Symphony Orchestra. Master three skill sets, complete with at least 40 upgrades obtainable through challenges, allowing for a multitude of combat, movement and defense tactics. Use the power to fire up a can of whoop *** with abilities that can be used in both combat and on objects to navigate rocky terrain with dexterity! Fight your way out against sturdy 2D action levels, enemies, and bosses with their backstories!

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Smelter  Gameplay

This game combines fast-paced platforming with a top-down combat system in a unique way. The combat system in the game will consist of a skill set that includes up to three different abilities that can be useful in multiple different scenarios. This includes over 40 upgrades that will only grow in variety as you progress through your journey. You will collect materials throughout your journey that can be used to create new items, each one serving its purpose, whether it’s defending yourself or helping you navigate obstacles easier.

Taking down hordes of enemies with nothing but your tractor beam sounds like a pretty good time to me! Just imagine wiping out an entire battalion of foot soldiers by catching them in the tractor beam, hurling them into the air, throw the tractor beam at them again, have it split into two smaller beams which throw each one of them at someone else’s tractor beams and hurl all three of those soldiers into the air.

Then imagine hurling all 3 of those guys back at their friends to level all 10 of them with one set of laser beams! Now switch over to another enemy burster commando who is trying to destroy your base with his minigun. Ask him politely to put his gun down and once he does, do the same thing… only this time you’re not letting go until he’s all wet from throwing up. I think that sounds like something that would fit the game

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Smelter System Requirements

  • * Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • * OS: Windows
  • * Processor: i5 2.5GHZ
  • * Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • * Memory: 4 GB RAM

* Graphics: IntelHD 3000


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