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Overview of game

A stunning 3D shooter game with thrilling gameplay with exciting gameplay for Android devices. This game will break the boundaries between mobile and console games! In Slaughter 3: Rebels, and you will play as the hero that was stuck, and arranged by the violent and angry prison inmates. Only you can aid him in getting out of the slumber. Within the city tucked away from the outside world, the worker base for a prison will be the site of the Apocalypse.

The most dangerous criminals in the world breach the security of the facility and take power within the city. The inhabitants who remained alive are just you and a few blood-sucking killers.Take a gun and head out into the city, which is crowded with criminals and thugs, take on them ,

and then try to figure it out! There are a variety of adversaries with different capabilities will require a different approach and strategy for everyone with a massive arsenal of weapons that range from pistols of small caliber to the dazzling power of a machine weapon, an entertaining storyline and the capability to communicate with your team members and also stunning graphic designs of top quality.

In the course of evolution of gaming, shooting games have never been to be too difficult for gamers. Shooting games that are a new style of play are taking over the market, such as PUBG Fortnite, PUBG. Classic shooting games appear to be attracting a strange number of gamers.. This is the third installment of the “Slaughter” game series, each of the previous two have enjoyed huge success across the globe. In addition the producer has released the third installment in the series.The game was created in the year 2000 by Ray Spark, a famous game maker who has released a number of shooting games.The game was released in 2019 , but it has already received numerous praises from experts and is especially appreciated by players.

Slaughter 3 The Rebels Gameplay Trailer

Slaughter 3 The Rebels Gameplay

Are you looking to experience the sensation of cold blood during an intense and fearful hunt? Download “Slaughter 3: The Rebels” to experience the thrill that a true shooting game has to offer. Additionally, the excitement in this title will leave you feeling exuberant.In the third installment of the series, we’ll be introduced to the main character the mercenary Russell. After being able to escape the city that was ruled by the dictator in the first game He was then given the task of a new one.

This is to locate the biggest prison in the world that houses thousands of criminals who are dangerous. Every criminal here is arsonists, crazy people. They’ve done everything they could not do. As they were locked up in prison and unable to experience the freedom to do any crime They became increasingly angry and angry. When the anger was at its highest the prisoners decided to flee from the prison together.

The guards as well as the police officers who were assigned to keep an eye on the criminals were killed by the gang, and nobody could survive their attack. They will not stop there. They’ll spread throughout the world and take out all those who stand in their path. You’ll have to utilize your abilities to take them down and stop the plot this time.The Rebels is a simple game where is to simply grab the gun and head out to take out your foes. The game is still a classic the game is played in an omni-directional perspective.

You are able to move through various zones and apply your shooting skills to take down opponents. The game allows for free-flowing movement using the scroll button on the left-hand right corner. If you want to shoot your enemies there’s an option to shoot located on the right side of the display. With the freedom to move players can shoot or dodge in any way you want. It is also possible to move and shoot simultaneously, so that you can deflect the attack of enemies. Furthermore gamers can shoot and move simultaneously in order to ward off the assault of the enemy.

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Slaughter 3 The Rebels System Requirements

*Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
* Processor: Intel pentium g4560
* Memory: 1500 MB RAM
* Graphics: Gtx 650
* Storage: 1700 MB available space


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