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Overview of Game

A mixture of construction, strategy and simulation makes a best game. Rim World is a top construction game allowing the players to simulate their ideas. This game is a creation of Montreal Based Game and was released by the Kick starter project for its Macintosh operating system users and Microsoft Windows and Linux user as a pre-release project in 2013. The official launching date of this game was on the 17th of October 2018. Containing new features and multiple new elements and a variety of plot selections this game was also launched for the users of the Steam.

RimWorld Gameplay Trailer

Rim World Gameplay

You can customize the storyline as well as your character and costumes. You do not get direct characters to start your game; you have to generate your own character using multiple characteristics and attributes that you find during your play. An increase in fighting styles that are almost similar to the Dwarf Fortress game and a huge range of map effects included for various locations as well as different characters this game brings a unique gameplay. The main objective of the game is to manage its people and roam around in multiple settings that are randomly generated by the Artificial Intelligence Storyteller where your characters escape the world using spaceships.

This allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the world while flying. You can see above you as well as beneath you giving a view of the complete open world showcasing all the dimensions. You can play the Phoebe Chillax event where you can face high level difficulties and as well as select what difficulty level you want to play in general. Or play the Cassandra Classic that feature more difficult levels of the game that increases with an increase in the time. The more the time passes the more difficult it gets. Few features consist of multiple seasons like summers, winters, autumns and more as well as variable temperatures that you can select from. A health monitor to keep an eye on the health as well as teaching system that guides your throughout the game as you progress in Rim World.

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RimWorld minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Free Disk Space: 4 GB
RAM: Need 4 GB RAM


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