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Overview of game

REZPLZ – Action indie adventure game that features side scrolling and only a small amount of space to move within two dimensions. Pixel art that has a distinct style recalls the classic platformers from the previous century. Not just the graphics recall the legendary stories of the gaming industry but the focus is on challenging leaps, frequent falls that lead to death, the necessity to start the game from an initial checkpoint, as well as the simple story behind it.

The journey from one location to the final boss battle is rewarded with rewards from a set of achievements including 26 points. Because of the use of gamepads, this game can be played with an interplay system that follows the same narrative when playing in single player mode. It can be played on a single monitor or a split screen, which is more comfortable and more familiar to everyone.One of the aspects of the game is the mechanics behind the death of the second character that when played offline can be controlled via artificial intelligence.

The majority of the puzzles encountered that are encountered are based upon timely and correct death. Alongside tasks that require thinking and shrewdness The player must to take on dangerous creatures and find scrolls that contain new spells to train and the evolution of the past.The main characters in the video game play brothers called Arkan Soph and Arkan. Soph. Their mission is to defend their own magic school from the evil wizards.

REZ PLZ Gameplay Trailer

REZ PLZ Gameplay

Their main character is too young and inexperienced on the subject of magic. The process of learning continues for an extended period of time, and then gradually. The player, along with the others, will need to progress from novices to skilled craftsmen, upon whom their survival is dependent..REZ PLZ puts a unique twist on the classic co-op idea. instead of trying keep every player alive throughout every level, you have to carefully kill each other in order to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. Make use of your Resurrection Scroll to bring Arcan and Zeph back to life.

Death Around Every CornerDeath is all around REZ PLZ It can be caused by many one-hit deaths which range from being cut in half, devoured by animals, being burned alive, and many more.Unlock Magical SpellsDiscover new spells that will help you conquer the challenges that are becoming increasingly difficult to overcome Be careful, however, because the brothers aren’t great in magic, and a mistake could end in death.

Explore the game and discover a myriad of cosmetic items you can unlock and unlockable gauntlet level challenges to personalize your game. You can further challenge yourself by playing bonus games like PVP running.Begin with and join the Apprentice Wizard Brothers Arkon as well as Jeff as they fight the power of the Dark Arkon. The game has slightly more weaponry than Resurrection Scroll.

This is the device they use to bring one another into the present. Through challenges on platforms as well as solving puzzles they will meet dangerous monsters. Also, there are traps you must to eliminate any of them in order to advance. However, thanks to the magic scroll. It is possible to revive brothers from death one-to-one by cutting in half and eating animals. Then, you can burn them alive and much more. As you advance through the game you will unlock new characters which provide abilities to tackle ever-increasing tasks.

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REZ PLZ System Requirements

* Size : 636 MB
* OS: Windows XP 32 bit or greater
* Processor: Dual Core 2 Ghz CPU
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: 512 MB Video Memory Direct X capable
* Storage: 3 GB available space


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