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Overview Of Game

Project IGI 1 is made by a very famous game developer and it is one of his first games in Project IGI series. This game falls under shooting game genre. Although, this game is 21 years old, but it is still gaining fame from all around the world. It is loved by all age groups.

In the beginning, this game was the most rated shooting genre game ever and it had no as such competition, but now since many games under the genre of shooting have been launched therefore, this game is seeing a bit of a competition.

It has some worth mentioning and amazing features. This is not a smartphone game. You can only play it on your computers or laptops. It has an amazing story which makes it very attractive for the players. So basically, in this game, you are playing the role of a protagonist and you are a British detective.

Your duty is to fight with the enemies and destroy their habitats as much as you can. Also, you have to fight all alone in this game so remember you will face a lot of challenges and difficulties while playing it because you will be all on your own. You will get more difficult level as you progress in this game. Your levels of missions are locked therefore, you have to clear a certain mission in order to unlock the next one. This game has all the weapons that you need to fight alone with the enemies.

Project IGI 1 Gameplay Trailer

Project IGI 1Gameplay

The best part of this game is that it has a virtual map which will help you to navigate the enemy so you can reach to them more vigilantly and easily. This amazing game is equipped with all the updated and powerful ammunitions and weapons, so you can strongly fight with the enemies unaccompanied. Although, it is relatively a simpler game than other shooting games, but it has a lot of thrills and challenges.

You will certainly enjoy while playing this game. The graphics of this game are amazing and you will love the 3D dimensions of your character. The background music makes this game even more interesting and accurate. You will get a first man perspective in this game which will allow you to see the things more accurately.

Initially, you will have a small number of meagre weapons, but as you progress, you will get a chance to get your hands on the most powerful weapons. The only drawback of this game is that you cannot save your progress. Once you are dead in this game, you have to start it all from the scratch.

Therefore, you have to be very vigilant while playing this game because you do not want to lose all your progress in just one go. Also, all the operations are quite extensive and hectic hence, you have to be very patient while playing this game. It is a single player game, so you cannot invite your friends.

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Project IGI 1 System Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium III 900 MHz
Ram: 256 Mb Recommended Recommended
Graphic Card / Video Memory: 32 Mb
Hard Disk Space: 300 Mb Free


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