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Overview of Game

Explore the planet while being an astronaut and use your tactics and skills as well as equipment to play this science fiction video game that is a creation of Crane balls Studio and published for the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Operating System PCs in 2017. After this release this game was published for Xbox One and Play Station 4. In this role playing game you have to play as the astronaut and have to explore the surface of the planet where you have landed. This game is specifically designed for science fiction lovers and it will take you to a fun adventure along with making you use your skills in the game.

Planet Nomads Gameplay Trailer

Planet Nomads Gameplay

You crash land on the planet as an astronaut and your mission is to survive till the end using your weapons and equipment as well as your talents. You have multiple options regarding your choices of vehicles that you have to make in order to create shelters for yourself as well as make customized weapons whose working and powers are enhanced. The inspiration for this game is taken from the famous Mine Craft and Space Engineers. You can play across with multiple players at a single time in this simple exploration game. With an automatically generated landscape, the main menace for the players is the survival and living on the planets.

You need to fulfill your basic needs to survive these needs include food to eat, water to drink and creating your own material is the best way to survive this extremely messy situation that you are in. use production blocks to create shelters and face the abrupt changes in the atmosphere and climate that is humid one second and dry the other. Place traps to catch your preys, use vehicles to travel and gadgets to survive and make your miserable life easier on the planet of Nomad.

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Planet Nomads System Requirements

Operating System:  Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 550ti


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