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First of all, thank you for an official activation key to allow us to access the beginning of the local horror epic Paperman series. The game itself is heating up for a lengthy period. When we first started it, CG, as well as UI, showed the complete flavor and ambiance of Paperman 1 (1 generation has cleared all customs). The game’s gm remains in a state of addiction, making players produce a powerful desire to take Yang Mingyuan’s desire to find out the mysteries of Yin’s old home (probably only those who enjoy the horror genre will get this notion XD).

Regardless of the small and somewhat complicated maps of the game’s first generation along with Yongge as well as Lilac who is pursued by gamers (Mother Chen, you’re just a bit bad) the puzzle-solving components of the first generation are excellent, but and not great. The most popular ones aren’t the ones that are difficult and require brain-burning instead, they’re those that are simple and delicate, but perfectly balanced.

However, when you solve the mystery, individuals aren’t so easy to take off. The puzzles and the map contain a wealth of Chinese customs. Who wouldn’t love it as the Chinese gamer? If you go back to the second generation game, you can start the first game and then go straight to the second floor. The only way to get the doors on the upper floors is to work out a tiny puzzle. Find clues to solve the puzzle among the many coffins.

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Paper Dolls 2 Gameplay

“Paper Dolls 2” expands the gameplay of “Paper Dolls Original” horror adventure. Yang Ming Yuan will continue his journey on the top floors in the yin mansion. Yin Mansion. In comparison to “Paper Dolls Original”, “Paper Dolls 2” will feature more stunning scenes, more intricate narrative animations as well as more difficult gameplay. It could take around 10 hours for those who play the game for the first time.

Find your daughter in a dark Chinese mansion from the Qing Dynasty. Experience this frightening adventure full of excitement and awe. The way toward his little girl is filled with obstacles. How can you aid him in avoiding the obstacles, get rid of, and fight the lost spirits of dead souls? As the story unfolds, the truth slowly comes to the light. People who die without completing their business ventures become restless spirits.

There’s a reason why this manor house is home to several spirits. One mistake could cause you to fall into death’s cold embrace. But the ghosts of the dead aren’t the only thing that worries you. Since terror lurks in every direction, it is important to be able to remain in peace and find the answers within. In tracing the events there, you’ll gain the information needed to unlock a gate that has been closed for more than a hundred years. Find all the information and messages and discover the shocking real-life story of this mansion that dates back to the year 100 years.

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Paper Dolls 2 System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 10
* Processor: Intel i5-4590
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
* Size : 1.4 GB


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