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Overview Of Game

Most games involves survival and this game is no different but the addition of search and adventure in this games makes it unique and worthy enough to give it at least a single try. This first person video game is a survival game developed by the Red Barrels. The gamers having possessions like the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Linux can experience this unique game as it was released for these platforms on the 4th of September and 19th of June 2014 respectively.

Outlast Gameplay Trailer

Outlast Gameplay

The main purpose of the game is to keep surviving and to find a remote hospital that is for the psychiatric patients that is located in the mountains named as the Mount massive. In this game Outlast, as soon as you start the game, you accept a job. This job is of the columnist named as Miles Upshur who is really insightful and has to explore and search a abandoned mental medical clinic located in the Leadville, Colorado containing an extreme amount of the mental and crazy patients.

You can run as fast as you want, hop around the hospital, vault above and over the materials, get down through stepping stools and do simple acts too like walking and squatting. Sneak past the adversaries or hide well in the shadows to avoid the patients while searching for the material that you want related to this hospital. You will play this game from an individuals point of view that is based on the FIPV. If you have extra batteries while playing you will be able to see the night vision and complete your task in the day time as well as during the night. The gameplay of the game is amazing but hey! Keep the sounds on as they guide you through the hospital all the while alerting you of the dangers lurking around you through the panic sounds it produces.

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