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Overview of game

 Tauron Wars is a mod for Freelancer that focuses on providing new content and ships with which you can play the game. With this particular mod, you will be able to play as a Taur or Imperion fleet and wage war against enemy factions like pirates or other races. You might even have to defend yourself from demons! To fight these enemies, you have an arsenal of more than 100 spacecraft from various eras from many different races as well as a vast array of weapons and equipment with which you can equip your ships.

In addition, you also have the chance to create your own faction complete with its own ship design and flags – if this sounds similar to EVE Online then that’s no surprise since it does draw on some inspiration from that sort of game!The protection of Taurea, home to the Tauron droids and also the Taurons themselves, is in your hands. You will have to thwart the advances of Imperion Warmachine and protect its natural resource called Theli.

By expanding your Tauron defense, you can use the resources you’ve collected to construct turrets, droids, aircraft and other structures such as Theli Extractors (for example) that will be integral in defeating your enemy’s forces. Not only that – but you can improve even further these devices by forging quality weapons and reforging their quality to inflict more damage; research new tech; secure necessary materials by reclaiming warzones lost in battle and much more besides in Total Domination:

Taur Gameplay Trailer

Taur Gameplay

At the end of this campaign, you must beat the powerful Imperion Overlord in a battle that will decide whether you got the victory and prevented the invasion. Bear in mind that each day you can only deploy the Taur in one war zone, which left you with no choice but to leave the other zones. You must choose carefully which one you’ll select for that particular day as the abandoned war zones will incur a loss of control and resources.Imperion, a warmongering alien empire with a preference for droid-based lifeforms, grow in numbers as the player continually progresses in the game.

This means that it’s up to each and every player to prepare his or her defense skills for various types of attacks that will be thrown at them throughout this persistent MMORPG that features both single and large group play. To prepare you for your defense and fight against greater odds, we’ve included an array of weapons and abilities on offer throughout the game so players may easily turn the tide on detractors who might otherwise be outnumbered by greater forces.

Some of these abilities include:Taur: An Action-Filled Game with Great Potential is most notably for its superb and innovative gameplay, but was lacking in a few areas and there were issues regarding the execution. For example, the enemy variety wasn’t diverse enough at first, with only a few new enemies being introduced later on when you had more levels to walk through. Also, weapons took time to reload when out of ammo, which can really get in the way when in action , especially in the later parts of the game. On top of this, there were no real upgrade choices given to players in terms of their play style or power-ups that could be chosen over others.

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Taur System Requirements

* DirectX: Version 10
* OS: Microsoft Windows 7.1/8/8.1/10
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
* Processor: Dual Core CPU
* Storage: 3 GB available space


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