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Overview of Game

Road rash pc game is a very unique type of bike racing game that is hard to find in today’s age. It is a different and very amusing game for those who love bikes and the street racings. It is a game that will surely provide the players a vintage racing experience because this game is launched in 1992.

You are a character of an illegal biker who fights for winning the best position in the game. There are certain rules of this game which all the players have to follow. This game contains a big range of heavy bikes that are exception al to use in a bike race.

The road rash is a great game for everyone who has a deep love for the bikes and racing. Mostly, boys like this game because we often see young boys racing with each other’s bikes. More grace in this game is added by the 3D graphics of this game that make it even more attractive to watch and enjoy.

This game is equally because of its brilliant features and interesting interface. This game is very popular among the kids and teenagers because of such amazing features. It is highly addictive and that is why people love to play this game 24/7. This game has surely introduced the vintage bike racing concept to the people who have not been aware of it before.

Road Rash Gameplay Trailer

Road Rash Gameplay

The concept of this game requires the main player to at least come third or fourth in this game in order to make their position and win a reward. This game also involves the theme of fights between the players to win because each player wants to come first and win the race.

This part does really interesting and people particularly like seeing it in this game. There are a number of heavy bikes in this game for the players to choose from. These bikes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the bikers who love to ride their bikes fast and win the game.

Each bike has its own fast speed and great power that helps the players win. Not all the bikes are already provided to the players in this game. They need to get them unlocked by using the reward money they win in winning the rest of the races.

Moreover, a racing game only looks good and enjoyable when it is being played on a desktop computer or a laptop. That is why this game comes in a pc version in order to fulfill this need of the players. Also, most of the professional gamers do not like to play the games in a smartphone because it is quite distracting and annoying.

A big screen keeps the focus active and thus they can concentrate better on the game. This game is available to download for free. There are no extra charges that could be needed to buy tis game for the pc.

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Road Rash System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
RAM: 128MB of RAM required.
Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space required.


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