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Overview of Game

Want to become a tycoon and set up your own business but don’t have a fortune for it? Then do not worry! Stimulate the business all for free! Rise of Industry is a tycoon and strategic game whose developer is Spanish Indie and this game is published by Kasedo Games. This game is built in order for the players to manage their industrial empire and attempt to grow it big in the 20th century as you progress in the game.

Rise of industry GamePlay Trailer

Rise Of Industry Gameplay

You are given a small capital at the start of the game to start investing and building your empire. With different Artificial Intelligence and villages that us shared with these multiple stuff, map to the building and create your own empire. Play either of the two modes the first one is Sandbox while the other is the Career mode. Choose your specialty and industry and logistics and start off your business. Perform Research and Development and use your findings to your advantage.

The game map is divided into multiple regions and requires the player to build in the region but with acquiring a permit not without it. There are two types of permits installed in the game that are required to create anything in the specific region and the other one is for the placement of transportation modes like railway tracks, roads and such. Start placing your factories and buildings and receive the payments from these as your income to build more in your city. Produce on demand items or connection in the towns. Make your trade routes for various boats, trains and other modes of transport. Build your empires prototype and become successful in this virtual world of yours.

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Rise of industry Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Free Disk Space: 8 Gb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260


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