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Overview of game


The sport is a top-down 2D construction and management simulation in which the participant has been hired by the CEO of a for-profit prison company to take control of the building and running a prison. The participant needs to recruit specific personnel to unlock some details of the sport (e.g. information about the prison’s finances is unavailable without an accountant). The participant is also responsible for the finances of their prison, and for meeting the needs of their prisoners (e.g. sanitation).

The participant is also able to implement various reform and labor programs which decrease the specific prisoner’s recidivism rate. The player informs the prisoners of things to do indirectly by setting their program – i.e., If you’re part of security, you must ask prisoners if they want food, or if they want furlough. This is an opportunity to officially introduce the latest addition to the prison by making it up to 8 players for cooperative gameplay.

This was subsequently reduced to 4 gamers in an upgrade to multiplayer mode in December 2018. Click on the below button to begin PRISONER 17. We’ve provided a direct link that will be able officially to introduce you to at least one multiplayer. The game is an alternative reality that takes place at the end of the 19th Century, where a world war is being fought. It combines old-school pixel arts with stereoscopic 3D technology. The graphics are adorable and delightful! All in all, it’s a side-scrolling hack and slash game that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

PRISONER 17  Trailer

PRISONER 17  Gameplay

Be a part of the PRISONER 17 community where you can communicate with other players and interact with them! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and website from your mobile device! There are currently 30+ levels to play. If you have trouble, there’s a guide that will help you get through the level without any hassle!

Don’t forget to check out our social media profiles as well as our forum. Please enjoy yourself on whatever phone or tablet you want to use. I have already put a link directly for the full game in the description section of this video. My cousins love this particular installment and they ask me to upload it on my website today.

But many reviewers have been saying that they have been receiving errors from the server when downloading from there so I decided to put a direct download link in the description of this video. Hidden treasures are also available but you must find them by utilizing your mind technique and there’ll be several lovely scenes that will occur while you’re playing! As a participant, you are Joe.

Joe is one of the few people who know about a secret military laboratory developing biological weaponry that could devastate the entire planet if it got out of control. Now that the process is complete, you can now play the game. This means you have completed the installation phase. The game has more than 70 types of traps and their various combinations.

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PRISONER 17  System Requirements

* OS: Windows 7 or 10
* Processor: Quad Core or similar
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950
* DirectX: Version 11


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