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Overview of game

Getting bored? Want to kill your boredom? Can not think about what to do? Simply download this game and kill your spare time. Jalopy is a thrill filled game which will kill your boredom in a second. It’s a game which will make you learn how to survive in your darkest days. In this game, you have to keep and maintain a good condition of your car. You have to keep a keen eye on the state of your car, its parts, its engine etc. You can rectify every pair of your car and upgrade it through different updates.

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Also, you will get updated upgrades which will be helpful to you for acquiring the tough challenges of the world. Your engine is the most important thing about your car; named as Laika. The whole performance of your Laika will depend upon the condition of your engine. So in order to make your car run fast, you have to keep your engine up to date. Another important feature in your Laika is its carburetor. If your Laika has a good and effective carbureter then it will run to miles without using much petrol. You have assorted challenges in this game along with having weather confronts.

The diversity of territories in this game is huge and each type of land will not only have an influence on your challenges, but it will also affect your rewards. There will be different weathers from where you have to go through. Be it rainy day or hot day you have to keep going and win the challenges and get as much reward as you can. Your game will be updated every month and it does not require huge system requirements. You can download this game easily as it has least system requirements.

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Jalopy System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics Card: Dedicated graphics card with 1 GB memory
Free Disk Space: 2 GB


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