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Overview of game


Grand theft auto vice city 2020 is a very well know game which we are sure that everybody knows about them. This game is a fighter game just like the war games like pubg and the fortnite. This game has a number of great features and amazing options which every player would love to play.

This game is basically designed for the Windows users, which means that the people who want to play games on their computers and laptops can easily avail this game by downloading it. It is a 100% free game which is quite useful if somebody can’t afford to pay for the games.

Most of the people like to have the free games which is why the grand theft auto vice city is absolutely free. Even the in-app purchases in this game can be made by using the coins which players win during this game. Hence, this game is very easier to play and quite interesting when one becomes a very talented and fine player.

In this game, the players can have a lot of weapons to fight against the enemies such as the machine guns, rifles and more. There are a lot of vehicles which players can drive throughout this game in order to fulfill the missions in different avatars.

This game has a very wide range of features which all the players will love to play it. The gameplay of this game is very unique which every player will definitely like to play.

Grand theft auto vice city Gameplay Trailer

Grand theft auto vice city Gameplay

The 3D graphics of this game is very amazing because it makes the whole game look like very original. The characters, locations, vehicles and the whole scenerio looks quite real which players really love and enjoy to play.

There are some certain locations too in this game which the people can choose and further start their game. There are some characters too out of which you can choose your own favorite. These characters are both male and female and you can fight both as a police or a thief.

There are several vehicles which a thief uses to run from the police such as an ambulance, a sports car, a school bus and several more vehicles are also in the line. When it comes to the weapons, there is also a huge range of weapons which people love to use in order to kill their enemies.

These vehicles are rifles, guns, machine guns, cannons and so much more. Thus, the main theme of this game is to kill all of your enemies and keep yourself safe. If you get shot, the game will be over resulting in your defeat. This game is available in a PC version so that the people can have a bigger screen to view and play it.

Practically, it will be more convenient to play this game on computer that’s why it has a PC version. Those who want to play it in their mobile phones also have a mobile version of gta vice city.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
Processor: Pentium 3 1GHz
Ram: 128 Mb
Hard disk space: 1GB


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