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Overview Of Game


Want to know about what a professional car racing looks like and how racers get through the pressure during a race? Then, blur is the right game for you. This game is more difficult in terms of competition as in order to get prizes and rewards, you must stay at the pinnacle of everything. You can get a real time experience of how a car racing looks like after playing this game.

This game is highly unpredictable as every new adventure unravels time to time. So, you have to be very attentive and focused while playing this game. Blur is in a strict competition with other racing games, but here we give you a disclaimer before you play this game: it is highly addictive and once you start playing it, there is no going back as it will make you stick to your place for hours.

Blur has a variety of different updated racing cars and you will certainly fall in love with every car. If you are tired of playing racing games that have landscapes and nature then, you should give blur a try as you will get mesmerizing views of street life in this game.

You can also customize your car as you want. The night scenes that you will get to see in this game are highly attractive. No wonder why people call it addiction because its graphics and gameplay are highly attractive and of excellent quality. Luckily, this game is free unlike other computer games. You can conveniently download this game from a secure website and start playing this astounding game.

Blur PC Gameplay Trailer

Blur PC Gameplay

The backdrop music that this game takes you to another world. The developers have really worked hard on the backdrop music because a racing game cannot give you a truthful feeling unless it does not have a powerful music. Graphics are extremely addictive and you will definitely enjoy while playing this game because the developers have put in so much efforts even in itty bitty details.

Not only that, in order to make your racing car even more powerful, you can enhance it with the help of different weapons available. You can play this game all alone or with your friends and family. This game has incorporated all the famous racing cars.

So, if you have seen all those amazing powerful cars on screen before, now is your chance to not only ride them but also do racing with them. In order to make your racing car more upgraded, you have to keep yourself at the apex of every race so you can earn prizes and rewards which will ultimately help you to make your car look stronger and powerful.

This game has different mods as well, you can select any of your choice. The most famous mod in this game is the career one which gives you an experience of professional car racing. You can only add more than 2 of your friends or family to play along with you.

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Blur PC System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Hard disk Space: 10 GB


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