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Overview of game

The game is based on the legendary “Myth” series, Nordic Warriors is a Real-Time Tactical game set in a world that is descending into an eternal battle to survive. You’ll require a smart strategy with tactical abilities to defeat the hordes of the undead and their sorcerer friends. Face-to-face with legends, heroes gods, and demons as they traverse the world of middle and finally get into the realm of Hel itself.

Do you have what it takes to survive Ragnarok? A real Real-Time Tactical gameplay in an early medieval battleground.The Classic Mythalike Action in RTS. Take control of a range of friendly units, from combatants wielding axes and sw ords to Shield Maidens and archers and powerful expert Alchemists as well as stranger allies.Make use of powerful magic to deter or frighten your enemies, turn enemies into friends, and attempt to withstand the assault. Or die trying.

Take on a variety of terrains and carry the battle beyond the gates to Hel itself. Find lost artifacts, discover areas that are crawling with forces of evil, and work to survive. Make use of every aspect of the terrain to make your way more effective against the sea of unstoppable enemies.”14 levels” of epic chaos and urgent action. Four different levels of difficulty your units are constructed of adamantine and can withstand magic attacks effortlessly.

O Thrall will make you tired sharpening your weapons in the endless hoards of shambling terrors. Heroic presents more challenges and despair for people who aren’t swift… as well as fortunate. O Ragnarok can test the strength of even the toughest commanders: be prepared for destruction! Kill anyone or anything that passes by. It’s okay, even deer or your neighbor. You could blow up some things. Explore them with fun. There are also ponies! and unicorns! and huge mushrooms! Oh, and you should buy two of them!

Nordic Warriors Gameplay Trailer

Nordic Warriors Gameplay

It was the first day of winter. The night was getting darker and caused cold winds and the fall of leaves. Freja with her warriors returned to Kjos after a three-day exploration of the forest but no luck. There had been several many days since the group foraging did not return in time. Where might their missing friends be? When they walked home, Freja was feeling something was off. In reality, she’d never experienced this before. It was as if somebody was pushing her insides and making it difficult to breathe. Perhaps they were tired from driving She was thinking… However, it was quiet,

way too silent. She looked into her companion’s eye and saw a glaring confirmation there was something wrong. When they walked towards the village, they saw a horrific scene unfold to them. Their entire village was destroyed by the dead. Women, children, and men were massacred in an unexpected attack that was a non-successful being able to survive. In shock, by the shocking truth, The group decides to find and eradicate this crime completely and forever.

Take off on a journey to face a variety of terrifying encounters with undead enemies while fighting to survive. Make use of your strategic thinking and the ability to master missions and make your position in the game. Follow the storyline to expose a secret that’s been hidden for years. Mystical beings, undead warriors Hellish creatures, and monsters from the underworld They’ll be all around you! The question is… Do you feel prepared for them? This game isn’t made for monitors that have a 4:3 aspect ratio,

and certain features may not be displayed correctly. Nordic Warriors The Nordic Warriors free download Latest and upgraded version are available on PC Windows. It’s a standalone installation with an offline installer of Nordic Warriors for compatible versions for Windows PC. The game was tested and manually installed before it was uploaded by the staff at our office. it’s fully functional with no issues.

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Nordic Warriors System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7
* Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2,40 GHz
* Memory: 6 GB RAM
* Graphics: Shader Model 5 Compatible with 2GB of VRAM
* Size : 1.4 GB


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