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Drive a variety of combat vehicles across battlefields put on multiple planets to help achieve victory against a treacherous corporation. A match between the game War Thunder and more than 1 million other titles are waiting for you! Have fun playing. When you arrive at your duty station, a mining colony that is tasked with the incredibly important job of extracting valuable rare earth ores from the planet of Kerensky which is owned (secretly) by one of the biggest corporations in the Federated Universe.

Two mega-corporations battle for control of this planet and its resources – Kerensky Rare Earths and Howes Mining Corporation. Post articles and help us achieve our mission of providing entertaining PC gaming information with a little bit of guidance on what to play and where to play it. Internet War Games LLC operates as a gathering place for like-minded gamers who share Internet War Games’ interests and concerns about surviving and

flourishing in the first decade of the 21st century. Tags: first-person_shooter first_person shooter first_person action games fps games 2014 FPS culture 2015 best fps pc games meanwhile, a rogue comet enters the machine from interstellar space. As you embark on your first mission, a simple patrol, events starting to unfold which can reshape the destiny of the entire humanity. Every vehicle in the game has a unique weapon that warrants a slightly different playstyle. Vehicles can be bought, updated, and customized in the garage.

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Motor Assailant Free Gameplay

Discord is a powerful text and voice chat for gamers that are always free to use. It also comes in an app for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, or web browsers. Not only can you message people easily but you can connect with anyone in a group chat or a 1:1 chat one-to-one. Tags below the threshold do not have enough votes to be considered valid for this game yet.BeardLib was created to provide an easy way for modders to add some flavor and fun to their single-player experience. One way of adding variety is by changing small aspects of how things work, like weapons for example.

A small mod that added the ability to change the snooze on some of your game’s weapons made a big impact on our forum users. Motor Assailant is a vehicle shooter inspired by the PS1 era. It was created by a solo developer who decided to create this project for some people out there – but mostly for him.

He wanted to enjoy an entire game specifically focused on shooting things, so he decided to develop his very own PS1-inspired action shooter! You can drive various combat vehicles across multiple battlefields which have been set on planets unrelated to our own Earth. Using them only as inspiration, of course, come accompanied by missions that can be completed to progress through this whole experience.

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Motor Assailant Free System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7 64bit
* Processor: 3000 Mhz CPU
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: 2 GB VRAM


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