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Overview of Game

Do you love bike racing? Or want to build your career while managing it by yourself? If the answer is yes! Then MotoGP 20 is one of the best Managerial Career Mode game out in this category. You have your unique, one of a kind personalized motorbikes and a chance to compete in the MotoGP challenge with your friends. This game was officially released on 23rd April 2020 for various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4.

MotoGP20 Gameplay Trailer

MotoGP 20 Gameplay

MotoGP 20 offers a thrilling and exciting gaming experience that has never been seen in the Managerial Career Mode. This version of the game joins the 2020 MotoGP team with new official riders and new members in the team. This game has realistic graphics and allows you to develop and upgrade your bike in multiple ways like Aerodynamics, Chassis, Electronics and many more. Now you can scan official team Manager faces and choose materials for your motorbikes that suits your taste.

The awesome feature of graphic editing allows your (rider) to adjust the color and graphics according to their own needs and how realistic they want their races to be, style and design your bike for a perfect team. To do such a thing 6 different types of realistic editors are given which include the latest livery and suit manager for your ride. MotoGP 20 offers new and rarest bikers so keep an eye out on the tracks and do not forget to collect those and add them in your collection by winning in the new race challenges that are generated randomly. Race on the brand new circuit Kymiring or take challenges beyond your limits with the new Neutral AI provided by the developers of this game to increase your skills and test your tactics. So, race through the tracks and make a name of your own in the latest and renewed MotoGP 20!

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MotoGP20 Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i7
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050\
Free Disk Space: 22 GB Space Required


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