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Overview of Game

Developed by Milestone, Moto GP 17 is a game like no other racing games. It was officially published on 15th June 2017 airing for many platforms like MS Windows, PS 4, Xbox One and more. This game can be played either in single player mode or in multiplayer mode. Play with the tribute riders in the game and get annual updates and many offers within the game to assist your racing experience and to win the races.

MotoGP 17 Gameplay Trailer

Moto GP 17 Gameplay

The Moto GP 17 game lets you attend a series of events happening in the game letting you discover the real life engine sounds as loud as a lions road and the audios designed in a way that would not fail you to feel the powerful machines and engines. The developers have created new techniques for the motor bikes making you win the races in style and scoring extra points with powerful sounds in every mode of the game.

To keep the gamers hooked to the game, new features consisting of Motocross grand prix (MXGP) 3 and simple Motocross grand prix action racing have been added to shake up and transform the all new Moto GP 17. The realistic graphics and visual effects in the game provides the user a real life biking experience making your racing assault as real as possible with a touch of extreme audio effects roaring out from your speakers. The Milestone developers wants you to notice their new sounds, grating and the ultimate running unreal Engine 4 that is powered in the Moto GP 17, the game released for the fifth series. You can now optimize items in the graphics section like barren grass, static crowds and many more with in the game making it easy to customize with easy controls and awesome new features. Use static bikes to float in the air and win your races with a windy swirl!

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