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Overview of Game

Do you love action and adventure games where you are the one doing all the actions, fights and becoming a hero, proving yourself on the battlefield? If this is the case then Mass Effect 3, a actions RPG game taking you on a long adventure is here for you. This developers of this game are Bio Ware and the launching of this game was done by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is similar to Mass Effect 2 and it is the third version in the series released for various forums including Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, Xbox 360, Linux and more.

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay

This role playing action game takes control of the Commander as your main character. If you have already completed the Mass Effect 2 and are continuing in on the series then here is the good news for you! Log in to Mass Effect 3 and import all your valuables from Mass Effect 2 continuing from the progress of the preceding version of the game. Select to play with different characters with in the game, each offering a set of unique skills and personalities to tackle the challenges thrown their way.

The Shepard’s appearance and combat training are the first steps you take when starting the game to learn about the gameplay and controls and how you are performing within the game. Gain experience points as you experience the battle to reach the next level of the game unlocking skills and upgrading equipment’s. This game has many modes which consist of a preset campaign mode like the role playing game mode, story mode, action mode and more. The RPG game has various types you can play with guns or barrels or through bows and arrows, all depending upon you. Take up on multiplayer mode and win through the battles in this combination of all the Mass Effect game versions.

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Mass Effect 3 Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9300
Processor: Intel Core i3
Free Disk Space: 2.5 GB


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