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In action RPG Jewel of Kuru, players explore the country of Kuru in search of the priceless gems that they call “Kuru Jewels.” It is a magical place with an ever-revolving cycle of day and night where each brings new surprises, events, and even greetings from special characters. Players can fight against powerful bosses who are trying to stop them from taking Kuru Jewels along their journey. The game spans across an expansive fantasy world filled with unique settings where players are encouraged to find whatever adventures they please!

The gameplay of the Jewel of Kuru is a dynamic hack-n-slash in the setting of Ancient India. You have to try and find some powerful hidden treasures out there but you don’t know where they are located. A crew of powerful bosses stands between you and them, guarding the entrance to your goal while rewarding warriors with satisfying challenges. The main mechanics for this game was inspired by the motion series but add a unique twist, making every boss victory a personal achievement that will make you feel really satisfied when completed.

Inspired by games like genre, the game gives you an incredible sense of satisfaction when you defeat the bosses in your path and defeat them in epic battle after battle. Each boss has three stages in which you must defeat one after another to move on. The design is similar to that of a fighting game, but with elements from RPG games, such as upgrading your units.

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Jewel of Kuru Gameplay

There are many points of interest scattered throughout the map. Take a closer look at the distinct landscape of the area, and you’ll find many valuable items and useful things that can help you get around the busy streets. The developers were inspired by Sekiro-Shadows Die Twice, taking as a basis its unique combat system and exotic setting inspired by Japan’s feudal period.

To succeed in this challenging land, one must study their enemy, analyze their attack patterns and create a strategy for defeating them even when up against the most common foes because doing so requires an intense amount of skill when it comes to swordplay. Jewel of Kuru is a 3D, third-person action-adventure game that combines the fun and excitement of exploration with platform-style gameplay and rewarding puzzles.

This fantasy world combines ancient India and the creatures, mythologies, and environments found in Hindu Folklore. The player embarks on a quest to find the Jewel of Kuru while solving puzzles to learn its secrets and vanquishing the powerful bosses that stand in his or her path. Inspired by the soul’s genre, this game gives you a sense of challenge and also the incredible satisfaction of defeating bosses spread across the map with multiple points of interest.

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Jewel of Kuru  System Requirements

* OS: Windows 10 64-bit
* Processor: Core i3 4130 @ 3.4 Ghz
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 (2GB) or Equivalent AMD GPU
* DirectX: Version 11


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