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Overview of game

You move silently through the warehouse’s ventilation system, emanating from an open duct on the far sidewalls, continuing to listen as the room’s occupants discuss you boldly. Someone must have tipped them off and they’re out for blood- possibly yours (or that of your colleagues). You utilize the cover of darkness and avoid light sources for fear of alerting your pursuers to your presence. By throwing items in their vicinity or imitating their wives’ voices you’re able to distract guards and slip by unnoticed. You look down to see one less light bulb. He’s entered the room. ****. You’ve been compromised! Quickly you open the door, guns blazing.

****, he got away! Heading back into the corridor, you try opening all of the doors but draw a blank until you arrive in an office to your right… Within the office, you see your rival dealing with two brick-heads in striking yellow jumpsuits. The lights are dimmed and there’s only enough room for one man… Steve Robbins – a righteous man **** bent on taking revenge after losing his brother at the hands of drug addicts, **** bent on showing no mercy towards junkies who dishonor their family name.

Clark Kent must have felt so alone. All of this pressure weighing down on his shoulders to protect the world, while at the same time, nobody knowing who he is or what he’s up to! In Batman, you play as a dark alter-ego of Clark that is revealing himself in an attempt to save people from the bad guys. One very interesting thing about this storyline is that Batman can not use his superhero powers to defeat everyone. He must be creative and thinking of ways to fight using the environment around him,

which also makes for a more realistic gameplay experience with a lot riding on how well quick you are on your feet rather than waiting for some predetermined superpower moment. Play stealthily, if you like, but Intravenous gives players the option to kick back and enjoy a shooting gallery experience. Reacting Rival AI help make enemies more interesting to deal with; they promote gunfights instead of sticking to repetition, or unfairness.

Intravenous Free Download Gameplay Trailer

Intravenous Free Download Gameplay

Enemies. If they know you’re there, they will attack you. A flashlight follows a suspicious sound far off in the darkness. Know of a frightening development of a zombie apocalypse? Make sure to get the word out quickly to let people know of an impending attack! Space combat is immensely fun. You have Space Marines taking on Alien monstrosities… to the extent of reaching out toward the enemy ship, firing your gun right through space. Guns are very responsive so you’ll have an easy time aiming to hit your target. Simply watch the enemy movements carefully, slowly approaching them until you can strike with accuracy!

Be aware that there are different types of enemies each with their unique weapon (you’ll notice it by how they shoot at you, like move shields that deflect projectiles, etc.) – these enemies will be weakest against specific weapons! Enter the world of Intravenous as Steve Robbins – a man set out for revenge after losing his brother to low-life junkies. Delve deep into the criminal world under the guise of darkness or go armed to the teeth, guns blazing and padded with armor.

Adapt your surroundings to match your needs. Shoot lights out, crawl through ventilation shafts, flip circuit breakers off, toss bottles to distract your foes, lockpick doors to arrive at alternative entrances – or simply shoot the door lockout and go in guns a-blazing!

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Intravenous Free Download System Requirements

* OS: Windows XP SP3
* Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: 256 MB VRAM, Intel HD 5500 Graphics or equivalent
* DirectX: Version 9.0c
* Storage: 654 MB available space


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