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Overview of Game

Want to get renovation ideas? Or want to become a one man renovation crew? If that is how you want to roll then get into the House flipper simulation game that is a development of Polish Indie Studio Empyrean and is available for Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating System initially released in 17th May 2018 by the Frozen District, Play Way and Merge Games. This game uses an Engine of Unity and is a type of strategy system game that makes you develop properties using strategy by throwing unexpected elements at you. Every decision and purchase as well as renovation is on your shoulders so purchase property, invest in its renovation then sell it to make some cash.

House Flipper Gameplay Trailer

House Flipper Gameplay

Your main goal in the game is to take hold of houses then clean the house and sell it afterwards. When you start your career you have to specialize in making and reading contracts as you have to get those for unlimited amount of houses. You get initial cash at the start of the game that you have to use to buy house then fix the damages done and then sell those in a profitable amount to gain extra profit from the houses.

Play tactfully so that you do not use extra money and go in loss. The extensive and engaging gameplay keeps you coming back for more renovation works and there are a huge of types of houses for you to play with and flip. You get multiple tasks to keep you focused in the game and you have to clean up the minor details with note-worthy materials and experience the tile system that brings out the strong and most beautifully renovated houses.

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