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Download heaven dust game torrent free. Download heaven dust pc torrent – play this action game with great battle scenes! The downloadable demo, or torrent? If you are trying to decide if downloading the trial version directly from the site is what you want to do, use the checklist below for determining which option is best for your situation. “You can download Spore Bot Parts Pack PC Game Torrent + Crack 1 link here”.Heaven Dust starts with the main character waking up inside of a research facility for medical experiments.

Unfortunately, it becomes immediately clear that he has been infected with an infectious virus called “Heavenly Dust ”. This problem arose after scientists had traveled to the Torque tribe in 1970 and taken some of their blood to conduct medical experiments without their consent on how to create an antibody solution to everlasting life. Unfortunately, they ended up creating a deadly virus that causes people who are exposed to it over time to become violent cannibalistic monsters thus causing all surviving humans to effectively die out.

Because the crew had not fully tested the effects 100% of the time before unleashing its full destructive force against humanity they caused mass chaos amongst everybody turning them all into shameless cannibals.All of the development for Heaven Dust took place in New Guinea, but we were forced to move our research thanks to an accident that occurred in one of our labs.

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 Heaven Dust Gameplay

The virus leaked and made its way to America where StarDust continued its work. We tried to continue our research, but it wasn’t possible.The first thing I want to say is that the team members have stated that their game has been heavily influenced by the Resident Evil series. Even the main character looks like Leon S. Kennedy.

They wanted to make this game as much like Resident Evil as they could, so it should be no surprise seeing familiar gameplay elements popping up here and there during the course of your play through, including solving puzzles, finding quest items and keys to help unlock many closed off areas throughout the complex.On his way, he will have to get past zombies that occasionally drop herbs that help him heal.

A journal tells the tale of the virus that was responsible for bringing along this zombie apocalypse, and many notes give insight into the events that unfolded throughout its development. Towards the end of his journey is an intense boss battle in which our protagonist will utilize weapons developed using nanotechnology .

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 Heaven Dust  System Requirements

  • * OS:  7, 8, 10, 32/64-bit
  • * Processor:1.6GHz or above
  • * Direct X 9.0c sound device
  • * Storage:2 GB available space
  • * Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Series

*  Memory: 2 GB RAM


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