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Overview of Game

The grand theft auto vice city is a game which was released in 2002. The name looks quite familiar because it is one of the parts of the grand theft auto game. For the introduction of this game, it is explained that grand theft auto vice city is just like the new pubg and the fortnite game.

It is a fighter game which involves the thieves and police running after each other. The plot of this game is revolving around the concept of rest of the games of same genre. The main case is of money which has been looted and now the police wants to catch those robbers.

The main character of the street crime gang is Tommy whom police is anxiously searching for. You are Tommy in this game and you have fight against the police. Your duty is to kill all the cops who are chasing you and get yourself saved from getting a bullet.

In this case you have a big range of weapons to use against the police and many vehicles too which you may use to get away with all the looted money. This game has a unique 3D graphics to offer which looks like you are watching a very professional fighter movie.

The controls are also provided to the player so they may move accordingly and kill their enemies. This is a PC game which means you are only able to play this game in your desktop or laptop. It is not available in the mobile version but if you search a bit, you might find a mobile version of this game available at any store.

GTA Vice City Gameplay Trailer

GTA Vice City Gameplay

The plot of this game is quite interesting which involves a robber named Tommy. Tommy is a street crime gang boss who has a big gang of thieves. They loot banks and different people and then run away. Now police is chasing them, and you have to try your best to save the money and kill all the cops.

It is a fighter game of course so you will be given a big range of weapons such as snipers, machine guns, rifles and many more. The vehicles are also available in this game which you may use at any point to run away from the police. The main goal is to keep yourself save from any kind of bullet and survive alive till the end. In return, you have to kill all the cops running after you by shooting them.

Your shooting skills will matter a lot in this game so you need to be good at doing that. There are powerful controls provided to the player in this game who has to save himself from getting shot. The surroundings in this game look very real and thus, the players enjoy playing this game a lot. This PC game is one of the most favorite game in the world and the features proves why it is so.

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Grand Theft Auto IV The Complete Edition System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
Tested On Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: Pentium 3 1GHz
Ram: 128 Mb
Setup Size: 1.44 GB


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