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Overview Of Game


A single player game involving action, missions and exciting adventures is waiting for you in the very new Grand Theft Auto III. Grand Theft Auto Three is an action game that is developed by the DMA Design and is published by the Rock star Games. Containing the gangs and the crimes, GTA has won many awards and is loved by many gamers all around the globe. GTA III is the fifth part of the GTA series while its first game was released in the 1999 and became the first gang of the world game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Gameplay Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 3 Gameplay

There is a fictional Liberty City built up in the game that is replication of the original New York City. This third person game lets you roam around the fictional New York City either by foot or the vehicles present in the game. This city is designed for you to freely roam in it. The main objectives of the story line of the GTA 3 is that the gamers need to complete missions in order to move forward in the game. There are plenty of missions for you to play in and you can go on looting the people in the city till you get new mission and new instructions after completing the previous ones.

Play in the three boroughs that are Shore side Vale, Staunton Island and the Portland, the gamers health get low after fights and crimes in order to stay alive you have to visit the nearest hospital in order to gain your health back. You can use the rifles, rickets, guns and more weapons as well as body armors to use explosives against your enemies. You can hit the foes with the vehicles and get into fights while playing with strategies.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 System Requirements

Operating System: Need Microsoft Windows 7(64-bit)
RAM: 128 MB RAM Required
Graphics Card:  32 MB Direct3D Video Card
Sound Card: Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card
Processor: 700 MHz


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