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Overview of Game

This is a role playing game where you have to trade and build your Empire in this real time strategic game released on 25th September 2015 for the forums like Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux, Xbox and more. This game was developed by Gaming Minds Studio and published by Kalypso Media Digital Limited. For the platform Play Station 4 Grand Ages Medieval Game was released on 9th October 2015. This game includes all the military, animals, infrastructures and more elements to give you the best gameplay experience you will ever get.

Grand Ages Medieval Game Trailer

Grand Ages Medieval Gameplay

The Medieval set in the game gives it its name. You have to discover new font and by using strategy and your mind set them in the places where a long and large trade route can be established. There are around 50 major technological developments included in the middle age groups. And the said group of middle age has three fields. First is crop rotation, second is low warp loom and last is long grass. The main thing is to form an army of knights and fight off your opponents army of knight and defeat them to win the battle. You being the main player have to build your empire in a year around the Constantinople an Roman City taking you back in the Medieval times. As soon as you build your empire, you can now access the open world of the game and now can easily adjust the difficulty levels manually.

With the eight contestants and twenty different business components play the strategic game and meet the production demand of the five different devices of a city and try to increase your supply of good as much as you can and on time. Position you defense towers and save you empire from natural catastrophes as well as attacks of the opponents.

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Grand Ages Medieval game system requirements

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8000 Series RAM: 2 GB
VIDEO CARD: DirectX 10 compatible,Geforce GTS450,1 GB RAM


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