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Gangsta Magic is a third-person platformer action game where you control a sorcerer who wears a cape and has long hair. The character is armed with an immense arsenal of actions, including running, flying, jumping, dashing, shooting flames from his hands like a flamethrower, freezing enemies in place, and blasting them with lightning and telekinesis where applicable (where applicable meaning certain objects or NPCs will not be governed by the player’s ability to telekinetically interact/move these people/objects). However — not all objects can be moved using your telekinetic ability, as the power has limits that apply only to certain people/objects. The game called Gangsta Magic has 12 levels, including the training stage.

Exits are marked by cones painted under an image of the American flag. Searching for the symbols means finding the different locations in the game. When you are close to finding them, choose your destination points on your map! Fights take place in various locations–including a forest, tower, castle ruins, medieval citadel, future-tech laboratory; sometimes they’re diluted with puzzles and riddles that require physical exertion.

There are two types of enemies in this game: Monsters and Robots. Monsters shoot fireballs at the hero, while robots can fly and attack from a distance. Enemies on the ground often just stand still and don’t react in any way to the presence of the wizard. There are various traps and secret places on the maps. At each level, you can get one or two achievements. Some achievements won’t be easy to earn.

Gangsta Magic Gameplay Trailer

Gangsta Magic Gameplay


Our team has created a walk-through site that gives you full instructions. Click on the banner below to start playing Gangsta Magic now. The gangsta possesses the ability to perform magical attacks like a fireball, ice, and stunning. Similarly, players can make use of telekinesis to move around some things. The game is an adventure/searching game where the player finds a cone, after discovering it they get the achievement and the level is accomplished! Some objects are available in course of these purposes.

The enemies are creatures who fire fireballs as well as flying belfries with weaponry. Gangster Las Vegas is an open-world action-adventure computer game published by Gameloft and designed by at least one of its subsidiaries. The story hinges on the adventures of Jason Malone, a skilled martial arts boxer who is targeted due to his win in an event put on by Frank Veliano after forgetting to tip him. Gangstar Las Vegas features “open-world” gameplay that allows the player even more control over their gaming experience. Click on the listed below button to begin Gangsta Magic Chronos. It’s a complete and total game.

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Gangsta Magic System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: windows 8
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: nvidia 900 series
* Processor:  i5
* Storage: 6 GB available space


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