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Overview of game

Frontline: World War 2 is a turn-based strategy game that follows the Second World War. You have to complete 15 intensive missions where you take control of the Allied army’s campaign to liberate smaller countries from fascist hands. This means battling it out in places like France, Italy, Norway and Greece.In the process of playing a story line of Frontline: World War II, you unlock new units and various types of equipment.

You develop your tactical skills, improve the characteristics and capabilities of your army. As you gain experience points, you unlock additional abilities and special attacks.Frontline: World War 2 has many unique features and special weapons within the game, such as stealth camouflage, sabotage, surveillance, smoke screens, anti-tank grenades, artillery shelling, special tanks, APCR (Armored piercing composite rigid), armor suppression among other things! All mechanics are designed by 1 person. There is also an option to play single player mode against AI players or with other users online.

 Frontline World War II Gameplay Trailer

 Frontline World War II Gameplay


Before starting the battle, first study your enemy. Take some time to consider what they might be planning to use against you and devise a strategy based on that intel. Using different types of troops on the battlefield is also vital. Different troop types will be necessary for this war like land, sea and air units. When fighting someone online it can be helpful to share information about what kinds of special abilities you’ve seen them use in the past so that your strategies can account for that.

Special abilities allow you to surprise your enemies with unexpected attacks of scale or use of landforms to work advantageous terrain into your plans so plan ahead!Our mission’s d-day was far from practical; it was not even bizarre. You run around the tiny beachfront shielding fire of your fellow soldiers, if this was actually the goal you’d probably be dead before you can even take 5 steps onto the beach. There needs to be some sort of tactics involved.

In Close Combat, there was a delicious combination of “grog”-like wargaming tradition and also mainstream strategy style which made the game feel like it could appeal to both hardcore and also more casual players. To me, its fine musical score by Michael Giacchino offered each level a vibe that was engaging for any gamer. I hold this game closest to my heart because of its balanced nature as it never necessarily leaned towards excessively challenging or too simple (unlike other strategy games I’ve played) but rather felt like it always stayed true to its name.

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 Frontline World War II  System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7
* Memory: 512 MB RAM
* Graphics: Most on-board chips will work.
* Processor: Pentium 4
* Storage: 1500 MB available space


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