ocean of games – FREE FIRE PC Game 2021 Overview

FREE FIRE PC Game Overview


Free fire PC game 2021 is a well-known fighter game which is called exactly like fortnite and pubg. These games have the exactly same gameplay and the features like this game apart from a few minor changes. It is a game specifically designed for PC for the Windows users. The games like pubg and fortnite have a mobile version for the Android and iOS users but this game has not introduced any mobile version for the users. This game has 50 players as compared to the pubg which allows 100 players at a single time in a battle. The battle also lasts for 15 minutes where the fighter has to keep themselves safe till the battle ends. There are many amazing features and great options to avail in this game. It is a heavy game to be installed in your Windows because of its massive features. There are many vehicles too which you can purchase by using the coins you have earned in this game. This game is available for free so there are no charges for downloading and installing in into your computers. The environment in this game is also different as compared to the other games. There are streets, grounds and a lot more other areas where the fights will be continued. Hence, this game is a great one to give a shot and play in your leisure time. You can also have your friends joined in for the purpose of fighting in a team.

FREE FIRE PC Game 2021

FREE FIRE Gameplay Trailer

FREE FIRE PC Game Gameplay

Free fire PC game 2020 is happened to be a really interesting game which has a lot of amazing features. 50 people can play this game at a time and fight in the form of teams. There are several characters which one can choose to be in this game. There is a whole range of costumes and weapons as well from which the players can choose. There is a big range of weapons and snipers which the players can choose in order to shoot the enemies. You can play this game with your friends and family members too no matter how far they live from you. There are different levels and battles which you can play in order to win more money in this game. This money is used to make the in-app purchases in this game. The beautiful green background of this game makes it even more attractive. The players can get the complete control of the game while using the keyboard and the mouse. It is undoubtedly a brilliant game which contains good controls and best gaming approach. The people who want to try something new but almost similar to the fortnite or pubg, then free fire PC game 2020 is a game especially designed for them. The fighters in this game also get special ranks in it with the superpowers. They can also upgrade their positions by unlocking new costumes and weapons which are made of  high quality elements

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Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Dual core processor or later.
Setup Size: 1.6MB


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