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Who is not familiar with FIFA? Honestly, everyone is. We have been listening about it since our childhood. FIFA has a separate fan base and a whole other world. If you are still one of those iota of people who do not know about FIFA then, read the whole article and find out more about it. If you are a soccer lover, you have almost played every season of FIFA and you are certainly obsessed with it.

FIFA is your favorite game and you love to play it in your spare time. Every season of FIFA comes with its own unique features and gameplay. FIFA 14 has come up with some new and amazing features. The graphics of this game has been enhanced. The sound quality of this game has become even more amazing and above all, the players in this game have been updated.

How amazing and surreal it would be to play FIFA with actual faces of famous soccer players. Yes, you heard it right. This new season has come up with the real faces of all the amazing and famous football players. So, in this way you will get a more real life experience and you will have even more fun while playing it.

Channel out your football skills and take part in international as well as local competitions. If you are a newbie, we would suggest you to first go with local matches and after polishing your skills, you can further go ahead with international matches and tournaments.

FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 14 Gameplay

FIFA has always come up with unexpected and fascinating features. This time, the developers have come up with new and updated features such as you can now play your soccer match in more than 30 different stadiums. With every new stadium comes new and mesmerizing landscape.

You can enjoy amazing landscape while playing this amazing game. Thousands and thousands of new footballers have been added in this game which means that you will have a wide and vast range of players to select from. Also, more than 500 football teams have also been incorporated by the developers.

Not only that, with more than thousands of players and hundreds of team, you can conveniently make your own team according to your own preferred players. So, if you have always dreamt about making your own football team, you can make it into a reality by playing this game.

Download this excellent quality game and showcase your polished football skills. This game is a complete package for all the football lovers and it has a massive fan following. By the amount of downloaders, you can easily estimate that how much famous and loved this game is among the players.

This game has everything that a football lover needs in a game. From high quality visual and audio aid to a wide range of players, teams and stadiums, this game has got you all covered. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download this astonishing game.

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JUMP FORCE Game Minimum System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz
Ram: 2 GB
Hard disk space: 8 GB


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