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Overview of Game


Las Vegas is a place of drug dealings, casinos, bars, Mafia, food, drinks and more. You name a thing and you will have it in this exotic city with people living a high end lifestyle where you can go and get married without the need of witnesses. Fallout New Vegas portrays Vegas with an action role playing game that was released on 19th October 2019 by the Bethesda Soft works. While it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. A continuity in the Fallout series, this game was released for Play Station 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and more for the single playing modes.

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Fallout New Vegas Gameplay

With a variety of weapons you start the game fully packed and loaded to start the action. In this version of New Vegas, you have to craft and manufacture food, drinks, drugs and ammunition for a range of weapons. You are in charge to correct the locations under your control but resist in killing your member can make your reputation go down which is bad as it is the only aim for you to keep the reputation on top. Use the large cannons, iron sights or more to give a tough competition. As soon as you skip over the initial space boundaries you are allowed to change your characters in the game hence, changing your role. The time taken is less in the game than the Fallout 3 as you can skip tutorials and go quickly into the wasteland without waiting for the tutorial to end.

There are many upgrade options to improve your characters skills and powers and lets the role of the player to get higher and more dominant. There are shotguns, 9mm, big guns, snipers, launchers, grenades, trial carbines and more weapons all you have to do is think about one and it will be there in the game waiting for you to use it. To get the upgrades for a short time having a time limit are also received through roaming and exploring the wasteland as well as purchasing it from vendors.

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Fallout New Vegas Game System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5750
Disk Space: 10 GB.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, ATI 1300XT.
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP.
Video RAM: 64 MB


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